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The exclusive purpose of this website is to promote the language services as well as a German-Spanish-English dictionary of Traducciones Salízites ("TS"). TS is free to enhance, reduce, delete, edit or modify the content of this site to its full discretion. The printing and copying features of the dictionary are not available. 

​​The information of the user´s email address shall be used exclusively for accessing the contact forms. TS shall not use this information for any other purpose and the user may require to delete his or her email data at any time using the contact form

TS shall not accept liability and is free from all liability derived from the use of any content of the present website. Likewise, TS shall not assume any responsibility derived from the contents of other Web pages linked or of connections from other Web pages to the TS pages.

​TS may delete or omit any comment of a user without any need of justification as to the reasons for such deletion or omission. The user may not claim or demand the publication, modification or omission of a comment on the web pages of TS. Please read the Service Conditions of Traducciones Salízites.

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